Thetford C-400 Cassette Toilets

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Thetford toilets are a fully self-contained toilet system that can be built into the bathroom of caravans, motorhomes, narrow boats or any type of recreational vehicle. A Thetford cassette toilet is constructed of high quality plastic and consists of two sections, a permanently installed toilet system and a slide out waste holding tank located within the toilet. This is removed for emptying from outside the vehicle through a small service hatch. A unique rotating pour-out spout and vent button ensure splash-free emptying.

You can choose between left hand and right hand side access to the cassette from outside.

Exterior door not included but can be purchased here

Benefits & Features

  • Highest level of seating comfort on the market

  • Lightweight, high-quality, durable plastic

  • Quiet yet powerful electric flushing system with full bowl coverage

  • Homelike bowl in size and comfort

  • Has its own flush water tank that is filled from outside, through the lockable access door(NOT provided)

  • Easy and convenient emptying

  • Waste-holding tank indicates when it needs emptying

  • Automatic pressure release vent prevents gas build-up, ensures splash-free tank opening

  • Built-in rotating empty spout

  • Access door is to the users right when the user is seated

  • 3 year warranty

Installation Manual

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