The Regulations

What are the Self-Containment Regulations in New Zealand?

Below are links to the official requirements for vehicle self containment; this covers caravans, motorhomes, and camper vans. It is a very detailed document and can be confusing so if you need advice just give us a call or message us through our contact page.

The detail of the requirements is contained in the Regulations, made by the government in August 2023. The Vehicle inspection guidance (aimed at Vehicle Inspectors and Certification Authorities) may also be helpful in understanding the requirements contained in the Regulations.

The previously used Standards are no longer directly applicable to the self-contained vehicles regime, however, specific technical references and examples used in the Standard and Building Code can be useful in illustrating ways in which vehicles can meet the requirements contained in the Act and the Regulations.

SCNZ can certify to the old (blue warrant) standards up to June 2024, these standards do not neccessarily require a cassette toilet, however certification will only last until June 2025. All new certification under the new (green warrant) regulations will be valid for 4 years from the date of issue. 

A timeline of the transition from the old to new regulations is outlined here.

Toilet ventilation
There has been some confusion around the requirements for toilet cassettes to be vented in the new regulations. Most cassette toilets installed correctly according to the manufacturers instructions will not require separate venting systems, however toilets which do not use an external cassette access door, or do not have cassette vents installed by the manufacturer may require a vent kit. For further details please see the guide below. 

- Our vent kit can be used for for most internal cassette access installations, and for all CHH installations. 
- Cassette access door must include ventilation louvre or similar where cassette chamber auto vents are fitted.