The Standards

What are the Self-Containment Standards in New Zealand?


Below are the official standards for vehicle self containment; this covers caravans, motorhomes, and camper vans. It is a very detailed document and can be confusing so if you need advice just give us a call or message us through our contact page.

Download the complete standards and guidelines here: NZS5465-2001

June 2023 update:

New legislation has been introduced which has changed some of the rules for freedom camping and self contained vehicle certification. 

While other clauses of the standard remain unchanged, clause 6.1 has been modified as follows:

"6.1 Minimum requirements
The motor caravan or caravan shall be equipped with a toilet that is permanently fixed to the motor caravan or caravan, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions."

The government has further announced that they "expect information on the technical requirements for a fixed toilet will be available in approximately 3 months." 

Clause 6.1 of this standard was amended by the Self-contained Motor Vehicles Legislation Act 2023. This standard should be read alongside Schedule 1AA of the Freedom Camping Act 2011.

More information on the timeline of changes can be found here.