For over 25 years, we have remained steadfast in helping to create a more sustainable world and business marketplace.

We are committed to conducting our business with integrity, reducing the environmental impact of our products and operations, supporting our communities, striving for improved conditions in our supply chain and creating an inclusive, safe and healthy workplace. From helping over 2 million global installations lower their environment carbon footprint, to accomplishing it ourselves at home; Morningstar’s employees & facilities live and breathe clean, renewable energy! Here are just a few examples of our commitment:

Facilities & Operations:

We can quickly and cost-effectively model, plan, construct and build our ideas, with a team capable of working through mechanical & thermal designs and simulations, build advanced prototypes (using metals & plastics), and design on-site printed circuit board layouts.  Our dedicated engineering center has its own advanced R&D facilities, test lab, EMI and environmental chambers, and full-thermal modeling tools including 3D CAD Software for mechanical & thermal design and product simulation.


Fully-automated ISO 9001 facilities use Quality Control standards that include 100% functional testing of every product with the latest computerized test equipment and processes.

Packaging Innovation:

Reducing the weight and volume of our product packaging, improving recyclability and expanding our use of recycled materials.

Supply Chain:

Supporting high labor and environmental standards in our supply chain—strengthening the work product of both Morningstar and the suppliers we work with. These efforts are essential to maintaining the quality of our products and the success of our business.

Community Support:

From supporting education, to volunteerism, to environmental protection, to helping non-profit aid organizations bring clean, dependable solar-electric power to the developing world; Morningstar is happy to be helping the communities where we work, live and operate.
Our sustainability goals are simple and have been at our core since we started operations in 1993. We strive to always maintain our focus on environmental excellence and to help build a more sustainable world. We endeavor to positively influence the impact on our climate and to save our planet’s natural resources by lowering carbon dioxide (& other greenhouse gasses) and reducing waste. The success of our environmental stewardship efforts is echoed & supported by the commitment and enthusiasm of our employees. Together we are protecting the environment & supporting the communities where we work, live and operate.

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