Fiamma F80s (Roof Installation)

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F80s, the modern and compact awning for roof installation

An awning with an extremely small cross-section to integrate it even better in the contour of the vehicle.
The technical solutions which have been implemented mean a more compact awning protrusion. The introduced innovations, like dual prearrangement as standard equipment for LED lighting on the lead bar and on the case, in addition to three guides on the lead bar, make F80s the go-to solution for all roof-mounted installations.


[1] Brackets: more than 40 types of dedicated brackets available on request
[2] Dual Shock-Absorber: absorbs shocks in case of heavy stress
[3] Roller support: facilitates the rolling up of the fabric
[4] Secure Lock: adjusts the height of the lead bar
[5] Reinforced arms: keep the fabric tensioned
[6] One Way Roll: guides the direction of rolling up
[7] LEDs: double front LED arrangement + case box
[8] Triple guide: allows the installation of two front panels and other accessories
[9] Leg: telescopic and equipped with a reinforced joint


Description Awning length A Canopy length B Extension C Weight Shade surface

F80s 320 - Polar White 320 cm 308 cm 250 cm 29 kg 7,7 m2
F80s 340 - Polar White 340 cm 328 cm 250 cm 30 kg 8,2 m2
F80s 370 - Polar White 370 cm 358 cm 250 cm 32 kg 9,0 m2
F80s 400 - Polar White 400 cm 388 cm 250 cm 34 kg 9,7 m2

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