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We understand that the rules and regulations around making your van self-contained in New Zealand can be confusing. You may not have much practical experience with plumbing or English maybe your second or even third language.

We find many people build their vans incorrectly or simply design them badly. When they come for a test, they realise they have not clearly understood something, been given incorrect information or have overlooked part of the regulations. This can be time consuming and costly.

We offer free advise to people who will be self-containing their camper vans, even if you haven't started the design or the build, you can talk through your plans with us.

We don't charge for this service it is included in the price of the test, we will make a list of everything you need to know for your specific vehicle and design, then when you have finished you simply bring the van back for a retest (free). 

From our experience this is the quickest and simplest way to do costly changes and no unnecessary purchases.

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