Waste system plumbing

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Waste Tank Plumbing (with in line water trap.)

It is suitable for kitchens approximately 600mm (with  our sinks and tanks).  It includes

  • the waste outlet for the sink (40-45mm hole).
  • a special in line water trap (allows a lower kitchen counter height)
  • vent for waste system.
  • specially designed connectors to your tank to maintain a good seal. 
  • Designed to be used with our 25 litre tanks, but can be used with others.

 Please note;

  • This system will fit directly onto all of our sinks with waste outlets directly, without the use of any additional tools, clamps or fittings.
  • It does not include the water tank cap, but when you purchase with our tanks we will fit the cap for you.
  • If you are also purchasing a sink from us the sink price may include the waste outlet so please select the correct item from the drop down menu.