Side Mounted 25 Litre Waste Tank With Cam Lock Fittings and Vent and Caps

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On the tank the waste vent  and inlets are mounted on the side of the tank so it can be mounted horizontally in the vehicle. 25 Litre waste water tank with cam lock fittings and 13mm 1 metre vent.

  • Horizontally mounted inlets so tank can be used on its side.
  • Includes opaque non corroding 25 litre waste tank
  • Male cam lock fitting for waste pipe to seal onto with female cam lock fitting
  • Washers and locking nut to seal onto tank
  • Removable 13 mm vent pipe, with cap for emptying
  • Variable lengths of vent as required
  • 1 Metre of 25mm diametre waste hose, hose clips and female cam lock fitting to form waste trap/water seal and to connect to sink and complete waste plumbing.(optional)

Tank dimension; 285x285x460

Please remember for the self containment test the vent must extend to the top of the sink before terminating outside so consider this when choosing vent length.

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