Suntech 370W Large Solar Panel

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Suntech 300W Large Solar Panels 

Using electro-luminescence scanning techniques, each panel is scanned 100% to ensure a defect free product. Suntech panels have excellent low irradiance performance, an excellent fill factor, triple bus bars with high ductility interconnects to ensure non hardening of the joints and eliminates stress fractures of the cell from thermal movement (very important in New Zealand intense sun conditions). These features provide longevity and performance of the product. They also have an anti-reflective glazing on the glass for a 4% increase in production and airport approved reflectance, they are salt and sulphur certified, and their linear power warranty guarantees them for 25 years.


370W 20Vdc
10.79 Amp Isc
1756mm x 1039mm x 35mm
Weight; 20.3 kg

12 year repair and workmanship warranty

25 year warranty at 80% power output